Recruiters: How’s Your Personal Brand?

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Employer branding is a hot topic among recruiters, and for good reason. Creating positive associations with a company in prospects’ minds can do a great deal for sourcing and hiring. However, recruiters should pay attention to their own personal brands as well. Recruiting leaders are well aware of the importance of personal branding – indeed, they see it every day, with various levels of success, from applicants and people they’re sourcing. It can be all too easy to concentrate on employer branding to the exclusion of personal branding, but it’s not a wise decision.

As recruiting gets more competitive and starts to look a lot more like marketing, professionals need to ensure they have candidates’ attention. According to the Recruiter blog, having a strong personal brand can make a recruiter stand out. A recruiter’s personal brand works in conjunction with the company’s employer brand to create a package that will get prospects excited.

Personal Content Marketing
Content marketing is an important part of creating a compelling brand for companies, and the same is true of individual recruiters. According to the Harvard Business Review blog, 9 out of 10 organizations now market with content. Content marketing caters to consumer preferences. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70 percent of people would rather read an article than an ad to learn about a company. Brand publishing gives companies a voice that consumers are willing and eager to hear.

The same is true for individual brand-building. Recruiters who can provide their target audience with informative, engaging and entertaining content will have a competitive edge over those who can’t. Content marketing on an individual scale can be as simple as curation, or sharing relevant content over social media, and as complex as starting an in-depth blog on the industry.

Using Social Media Wisely
The vast majority of recruiters use social media in their sourcing activities – at this point, it would be strange to meet someone who does not. However, there are more and less effective ways to make social media a part of the recruiting toolbox. Showing some personality online can help recruiters reach the best candidates. Of course, this doesn’t mean maintaining a Facebook profile or Twitter feed that is identical to what friends and family see. Instead, tasteful peeks into daily recruiting life might function well, as well as inoffensive and interesting pictures. Recruiters shouldn’t be afraid to curate content about work-friendly side interests as well as their industries, for example.

With these strategies, and other personal branding methods recruiters find effective, it’s possible to create an individual brand that will work with the company’s employer brand to attract potential candidates. Responding to a message from an interesting person is always more appealing than talking to someone who is faceless, and the same applies when recruiters contact possible candidates.

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