Millennials Have the Skills You Need

Denise Martinez Corporate Recruiting, Market Trends, Products & Technology, Staffing

The 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce report, released today by online staffing firm Elance-oDesk and Millennial Branding, found millennials are the generation hiring managers believe have the key skills businesses need now.

The survey found 68 percent of hiring managers said millennials have skills other generations don't, and that 80 percent of them believe millennials are technologically adept. Furthermore, 60 percent of hiring managers said millennials are quick learners. Perhaps because of these positive traits, 53 percent of hiring managers said they were having trouble finding and retaining millennial talent, with 58 percent attesting they expect millennials to stay at a job for only three years.

Getting Millennial Workers
Recruiting and retaining millennials requires a special set of strategies. Their priorities are different than those of other generations and generally include flexible work hours and locations and the opportunity to do something they feel is meaningful. Employer brands and recruitment strategies need an update if they are to attract millennial talent, and recruiters will need to build relationships with their millennial candidates if they want to find out what drives them and what will compel them to stay in a position once they have it.

Millennials are also seen as narcissistic by 80 percent of hiring managers, compared to the 20 percent who thought the same of members of Generation X.

"Hiring managers express the unflattering belief that millennials are more narcissistic than the previous generation," Jaleh Bisharat, senior vice president of marketing at Elance-oDesk, said in a release. "At the same time, they view millennials as more open to change, creative and entrepreneurial, the very qualities that fuel agility and innovation. That millennials are different is to be expected – they need to be. They are inventing what it means to be successful in a technology-driven world where workdays are infinite, needs change on a dime and independence and flexibility are at a premium."

Adapting to all of the ways in which millennials are different – and leveraging their vital skills in the workplace – requires recruiters to get to know them. With recruiting software that facilitates relationship-building, talent acquisition professionals can get a read on what millennials want and need that begins when the recruiting process does and only progresses from there.

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