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Looking Ahead to 2018 in Hiring

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With the new year fast approaching, human resources specialists and staffers are contemplating how larger developments in the employment landscape will affect their own organizations. To bring in the most-qualified new workers on a consistent basis, professionals must constantly look ahead and plan to attract people with the right skills and experience. Hiring professionals can prepare to make the most of their opportunities in the year ahead by drawing on powerful recruitment software and taking these trends into account:

Increased hiring volume calls for advanced tools

“Many businesses are expecting to seek out additional employees in 2018.”

Many businesses are expecting to seek out additional employees in 2018, according to a survey of employers conducted by Indeed. Among the 1,000 respondents, 61 percent said they anticipated greater hiring levels than the previous year, while only 10 percent planned to bring in fewer workers. Most were mainly interested in expanding their organizations at 56 percent, while 31 percent were in search of employees who would contribute specific skills.

With the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.1 percent as of November 2017, it will be crucial for hiring professionals to target their recruitment efforts with care. An AI-driven candidate matching system provides clear rankings of potential new hires based on customized criteria. With immediate visibility into the qualifications of applicants, HR specialists and recruiters can make wiser choices as they fulfill the rising demand for workers.

High churn means opportunity for staffing firms

When organizations are eager to expand, they need to find talent quickly. As Monster pointed out, the combination of a limited labor supply and rising demand for employees could lead to more businesses approaching staffing firms for temporary or temporary-to-permanent workers in 2018.

By establishing an online talent community around a branded job board, staffers cultivate a pool of workers to fill these emerging roles. With robust staffing software, they can integrate tasks like sourcing, compliance and time entry in a single platform. An agile approach to recruiting and managing a contingent workforce allows staffers to make the most of the high degree of churn in the year to come.

Relationships are more important than ever

With heavy competition for the best employees, organizations will only succeed by presenting an appealing employer brand and making an effort to engage both passive and active candidates. To thrive in the new year, businesses must focus on showing off what they have to offer and making jobseekers feel valued.

From marketing open positions to providing a speedy interview process, hiring professionals have opportunities to form productive relationships with highly skilled individuals. When recruiters use software with tools like automated candidate matching and messaging, they free up time to talk directly with potential new hires and move through interviews faster. That gives an organization the best chance of snatching up the employees who will make its plans for growth in 2018 a reality.

With advanced tools and a strong awareness of the changes ahead, hiring professionals are prepared to develop effective long-term strategies. Jobscience provides the AI-powered features staffing agencies and HR departments need to plan for the new year.