Improve Your Candidate Experience With a New Learning Event for Recruiters

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Candidate experience continues to grow in importance in the recruiting community. A quick review of blogs and Twitter feeds from industry leaders on recruiting trends will usually yield at least a few articles on the topic, and recruiting departments in companies of all kinds are working to improve the candidate experience they offer. Learning from peers in the industry whose candidate experience is already stellar is an ideal adjunct to internal efforts to improve. Now, there’s a conference devoted to helping recruiters do exactly that.

The first-ever Candidate Experience Symposium will take place in Chicago on September 19, 2014, put on by Talent Board, a nonprofit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience.

The first Candidate Experience Symposium will bring thought leaders in the candidate experience space together to discuss best practices for improving the recruiting function and the candidate experience. Attendees will hear the results of the 2014 CandE Awards program and have the opportunity to learn from the winning organizations about the strategies, practices and tools that enabled them to improve their candidate experiences to award-winning levels. Those who attend the symposium will leave with practical, actionable knowledge they can bring back to their companies to improve the candidate experience they offer there.

About the CandE Awards
The Talent Board has, over the last four years, recognized excellence in candidate experience through its annual Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards. Participating organizations get the opportunity to understand how their candidates rate their experiences. They also receive access to benchmarks on how they perform in recruiting, application and onboarding processes as compared to their peers. More employers are catching on to the importance of a positive candidate experience all the time, which means those that participate in the CandE Awards have an edge over the competition.

A positive, rewarding candidate experience attracts top talent and helps candidates get excited about working for the company before their first day even begins – and it enhances the organization’s reputation in the community as a preferred place to work. As more companies want these benefits, the CandE Awards have grown and expanded internationally with programs in the U.K and Australia.

“The overwhelming response to this year’s Candidate Experience Awards, which say more than 170 participating organizations and more than 95,000 candidate surveys, demonstrates that employers and job seekers alike recognize the importance of a positive candidate experience,” Elaine Orler, Talent Board co-founder and chairman, and CEO of Talent Function. “The Candidate Experience Symposium was developed to share success stories, collaborate on what defines a stellar candidate experience while providing attendees the tools to make the improvements within their organizations’ recruiting processes to meet the expectations of candidates as a stakeholder in the process.”

The symposium will include panel discussions with past CandE Award winners on strategies for great candidate experiences, roundtable sessions exploring high-level topics and more. It has been designed to provide attendees with the best and freshest in thought leadership on the candidate experience. For more information about the Symposium, including how to register, recruiters can click here.

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