HR Integration and Maintaining Revenue: The Cloud Sherpas Story

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Human resources can play a critical strategic role in business with the right solutions. Integrating the functions of recruiting, onboarding and payroll into the systems that run core operations provides visibility across the organization, particularly if the solutions in question have technology that allows for easy and efficient collaboration. This can alter the way revenue is allocated to staff and to recruiting activities for the better, helping companies scale profitably. One instructive example comes from the case of Cloud Sherpas, a company that grew rapidly within a short period of time – and at a profit – through just such an integration of systems.

What Worked for Cloud Sherpas
Cloud Sherpas, a global cloud advisory and technology services company and one of the leading firms in its field, has created many jobs over the past several years. The company has been recognized by many publications and organizations for its job creation efforts. As Cloud Services has already grown quickly and has worked profitably, the firm needed a platform that creates a connection between revenue, revenue pipeline and staff resources. Cloud Sherpas wanted a solution that could handle the high level of attention and opportunities the firm's staff receives, and could lend the same energy the company puts into everything else to its hiring process.

Before using Jobscience, an integrated cloud-based system, Cloud Sherpas had used many different applicant tracking systems after several company acquisitions. These systems weren't integrated, and they did not offer process management capabilities that could take the system to the next level and truly make HR a mission-critical partner to the business.

By integrating, and Jobscience for core operating systems and a recruiting platform respectively, Cloud Sherpas managed its hiring process more efficiently. The company built a system going right from recruiting through onboarding, including IT, HR and payroll functions. This eliminated busywork and allowed the process of onboarding to happen with just a few clicks.

The company's core systems now allow it to support hiring across the world, connecting revenue with staff resources and providing global teams with full visibility. Hiring managers can review short lists from Jobscience at their own convenience and update management quickly. The company has grown from 80 to 900 staff in three years with a permanent recruiting headcount of eight, and has reduced support costs and hours while scaling their programs to reach a team that spans the globe.

"Jobscience helped us connect and align revenue with staff resources," Richard Stack, vice president and global head of recruiting for Cloud Sherpas, said, "which has been critical for our profitable growth."

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