How to use content to attract the right candidates

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To attract the best candidates, recruiters need to think more like marketers. With better marketing strategies, companies can not only find the people that need a job right now, but people that are truly a great fit in the company. You don’t want an applicant tracking system full of candidates who just want, say, a data analyst position in general. What you’re really looking for is a database full of candidates that want to work as a data analyst at your company, specifically. This can be challenging to accomplish, but it’s not impossible.

According to Forbes, recruiters often make the mistake of assuming job seekers all want the same thing: a job. But with greater choices about where to apply, no job seeker is going to apply for and accept the first position that meets his or her basic interest level. Instead, recruiters need to think like marketers and target the right job seekers with the right information.

Branding for appeal
Executive Board calls this approach “branding for appeal.” Rather than raising awareness across the board, it targets the candidates that will really be the best fit in your firm. According to the organization, this approach leads to 54 percent higher quality applicant pools and 9 percent higher quality hires.

How can recruiters do all of this? With targeted content.

Content is one of the biggest buzzwords in the marketing world today, and it also happens to be an effective way to promote employer brand to job seekers, whether they are active or passive candidates. By thinking about the path to a new job as part of the sales funnel, recruiters can make a variety of different types of content that lure in candidates incrementally. Many recruiters do this to a certain extent, as Undercover Recruiter pointed out. They will use pay-per-click ads, job boards and branded searchers to raise awareness for open positions. Using content goes a step further.

Here’s what the sales funnel looks like:

  • Awareness: At this point, the candidate is just learning about the employer and they have never heard of them before.
  • Interest: Once they know your brand, tell them a little more about yourself.
  • Consideration: Now that they know what you’re all about, provide more in-depth information about the things that set you apart from other workplaces.
  • Action: Make it easy for them to apply and share the position with others.

The next key is to create content catered to these different stages of the sales funnel.

To increase awareness about your brand, work on search optimization strategies so potential candidates can find your career page more effectively.

For raising interest, the next level of the funnel, create content that gives candidates more information. This could be employee-generated content, photos and videos about workplace culture, or even something that shows a day in the life of a person in this position. This type of content gives job seekers more insight into what it would be like to work in this firm.

For the consideration phase, create content that will help push candidates toward making a decision. According to Undercover Recruiter, this could be articles like “Why should you work with us?” Articles and blog posts like this make it more clear how your organization differs from others and gives candidates a better idea of whether they would truly be a good fit.

Finally, during the action stage, when job seekers are actually applying, make it easy for candidates to share the position. If you’ve managed to draw in a super-qualified candidate who would be a good culture fit in your organization, the fastest route to finding similar people is to tap into personal networks using social recruiting strategies.

Marketers have learned that just raising awareness about a brand isn’t enough. They also have to target a specific audience or individual buyer personas. The message also has to reach the right person. It’s the same for recruiting. You want to reach the people who will be the best fit and provide the most value to the organization.

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