How to make social recruiting work for you

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Social recruiting is the wave of the future. In a time when recruiters are facing significant talent gaps, they need to be proactive and reach out when the right person does come along. These days, job seekers live on social platforms, and that’s often the best place to reach them. But keep in mind that the way you reach out matters.

Use the appropriate platform
Some job seekers don’t mind being approached on Facebook, but others might. Be careful about sending direct messages on this platform. Another approach is to set up a Facebook page specifically for recruiting, which many brands have done. According to Undercover Recruiter, Starbucks, Red Bull, PlayStation, McDonald’s and Levi’s all have extremely popular career pages. While there was some disagreement on this point in our latest webinar, LinkedIn is probably still the place job seekers are most likely to expect a recruiting message.

Establish a relationship first
Before reaching out to a candidate out of the blue, start building a relationship with them. If they are a blogger, start commenting. Engage with them on social platforms and firm a personal connection. Social media is informal, but there are still rules of etiquette. You probably wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street and offer them a job. Reaching out to shared connections may be another option.

Be smart with messaging 
Don’t write a canned message; write something personal. As Recruiting Blogs points out, candidates want to know they’re dealing with a real human on the other side of the screen. That interaction is part of the appeal of social recruiting. Know who you’re dealing with. Use what you know about the person to tailor your message and get a serious conversation going. This will also help you stand out from the crowd. Hot candidates may receive messages from multiple recruiters. Make yours memorable.

Use the “social” element to your advantage
Sharing is easy on social media, so push out messages that are shareable. The Wall Street Journal reported how big brands used social platforms to find seasonal workers over the holidays. A California wine chain increased applications 66 percent over the previous month with this strategy. Recruiting Blogs suggests that getting influencers to share your posts can bring in an even wider talent pool.

Get the right tools
CRM recruiting software is a vital piece of the social recruiting puzzle. If you aren’t able to track the conversations you’re having with prospects, the results are going to be less effective. Invest in the right technology so you can maintain a database of previous interactions with candidates. Otherwise, you may let a great candidate slip through the cracks, and right on to a competitor.

Social recruiting can help companies reach new talent pools and find effective candidates. But it can be more tricky than it first appears. Be too aggressive and you run the risk of alienating the potential recruit. Be personal and write relevant messages.

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