Customer Feedback Important to Making Decisions About Staffing and Recruiting Software Investment

Nolan Gray Corporate Recruiting, Products & Technology, Staffing

Companies know they have to make the most of customer feedback, because if many customers had difficulties with a piece of software or a product, chances are the company will as well. Customer feedback can ultimately affect a company's future decision-making, especially in regard to the technology businesses invest in. When it comes to the staffing and recruiting communities, the opinions of recruiting and staffing professionals about certain applicant tracking systems or staffing software can impact the types of systems their colleagues choose to invest in. Neglecting to look at reviews of these software systems can result in recruiters and staffing agency professionals experiencing problems with their chosen systems.

Staffing companies and recruiting departments need to invest in software that has been chosen as one of the best in the industry. To be a high performer of staffing and recruiting software, a company needs to have high customer satisfaction scores and a large market presence. Very few staffing and recruiting software companies are able to achieve the recognition of being a high performer, and those that do are proven to provide a return on investment to their investors. For instance, software review site G2 Crowd recently ranked seven HR software systems based on customer satisfaction, and found only three companies stood out from the pack – one of which was Jobscience. Recruiting and staffing professionals need to utilize these reviews when they are looking to invest in staffing and recruiting software.

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