Could Video Screening Be Right for You?

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Recruiters accustomed to conducting screenings over the phone should give serious consideration to doing so in a video format from now on. There are many reasons to do so – not just because it's possible. Solutions are available that allow recruiters to record interview questions all at once and present them to candidates, who can complete the interview when it works for them. The programs give candidates a predetermined amount of time to think over their answers, then they start recording, also for a set period of time. The result is a uniform set of videos that have candidates all answering the same questions in the same time period. Not only does this level the playing field a little, but it also streamlines the process remarkably. Instead of working around conflicting schedules, recruiters can instead review screening interviews on their own time.

Collaboration Opportunities
Candidates who fare well on video interviews should of course be evaluated further, but as a screening mechanism videos can be useful. There's also a chance to collaborate throughout the process, which isn't the case with phone interviews. A recruiter's colleagues can each view the same video interview and form impressions, which may help in deciding whether to bring someone for an interview. It's even possible to have different people get involved in recording questions and evaluating responses, according to ERE. This can lead to a more unified recruitment process for the entire department.

Staffing and Video Interviews
Video interviews can also be an excellent tool for staffing firms. With the right staffing software, it's possible to attach videos to candidate profiles for presentation to clients. Including pre-recorded video interviews with candidate packages can help staffing firms deliver the right workers to their clients every time, and is a convenient way for clients themselves to get a fuller picture of a candidate than anything else might provide. In an era where prospective employers can simply look up candidates on social networking and know most of what their resume says, including video interviews in candidate packages can help staffing firms add value for their clients.

Candidate Preparation
Candidates may encounter some difficulties in using video interviewing as a screening process if they haven't done it before. Recruiters and staffing professionals who choose to use this method should be prepared for a few glitches – like technical issues or unfortunate lighting angles – or may wish to give candidates a tip sheet to avoid them.

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