Candidate Experience Symposium Talks Best Recruiting Practices, Announced Awards

Bennett Sung Corporate Recruiting, Staffing

While it may have been held in the Second City, the first-ever Candidate Experience Symposium put on by The Candidate Experience (CandE) was a rousing success according to all those recruiting specialists involved and who attended.

The city of Chicago played host to the first CES, billed as “a one-of-a-kind event” that gathers talent thought leaders to discuss and share best practices for better recruiting – and most importantly, a better candidate experience.

Many of the topics discussed at the CES fell in line with emerging patterns and trends in recruiting; namely, the need for recruiters to look at candidates as more than just applicants to a job posting, employer branding and making relationships with candidates more meangin​gful.

One panel discussion had the title: “Your candidates are your customers and your employees are your brand ambassadors.”

The CES was preceded by the announcing of the fourth annual North American CandE Awards, which celebrate the companies that do best in achieving an enjoyable candidate experience. This year’s winners include AT&T, General Motors and Wells Fargo, among many others.