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What tools will recruiters need in 2015? Part 2

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Jobscience just wrapped up its inaugural webinar of the new year in the U.K., with part two of “Tools a Recruiter Cannot Live Without in 2015,” recorded live from London on Feb. 3.

We were joined by Guy Rubin, CEO of ebsta, Katrina Collier, social recruiting specialist at Winning Impression, Clair Bush, marketing director at Broadbean Technology, Mark Seemann, CEO of Synety, Kirsten Pope, UK account manager at Burning Glass. Jobscience CEO Ted Elliott moderated the conversation. {some of these company names are ridiculous.}

We had a very informational chat on Tuesday. Here are a few of the ideas that came up:

CRM is increasingly vital
Client relationship management platforms are quickly emerging as the backbone of recruitment firms. New generations of CRM have greater capabilities and ease of use than in the past and are integrated with applicant tracking platforms. The general consensus among our panelists was that recruitment firms that find ways to better harness the power of CRM will grow much faster than companies that don’t.

The next big challenge is maximizing the potential of the platforms that are out there. Getting recruitment consultants to use CRM platforms can be an issue. Companies will need to invest in training or better tools that add value for those using them. Many companies have conversations that aren’t logged in CRM platforms and other information is lost as well. Recruitment teams need to find opportunities to link their CRMs to other data sources, like social media. Any interaction with a potential candidate can be logged and referenced for the future.

Recruitment consultants can get a lot out of CRMs if they log the data and use it to reach out to potential candidates. Companies that don’t maximize their CRMs will grow less quickly. Given the potential recruitment firms have for growth this year, that would be a shame.

LinkedIn: a benefit for recruiters or no?
Panelists disagreed slightly on how vital LinkedIn is for recruiters. To a certain extent, LinkedIn is growing and taking traffic away from job boards. On the other hand, not everyone agreed that LinkedIn is the powerhouse it seems to be. Candidates don’t live there as they do on other platforms like Facebook. For one thing, job seekers tend to update their LinkedIn profile after they find a job, not before. Recruitment consultants may also want to determine where their job seekers are and find them. Niche social networking sites like Github, which was mentioned more than once, could be a smart place to find specific candidates. All in all, it may be a mistake to assume LinkedIn is the future of recruiting.

Candidates have the power
Employment is up and there are more job vacancies. This puts candidates in the position of power, which means recruitment consultants will need to work harder than ever to attract them, whether that means offering better benefit packages or reaching out with smarter messaging. When companies can understand what job seekers want, they are far more likely to attract them, and CRM plays a big role in this. Recruitment consultants can reach out with specific messaging based on what they already know about the candidate and even reach them in a way they would be most comfortable with.

At the end of the webinar, one of the listeners asked Katrina, social recruiting specialist at Winning Impression, how she would go about recruiting an engineer. Her answer highlighted how important it is for recruitment consultants to understand who they’re dealing with and cater their approach to specific job seekers. Since engineers go with the flow, they don’t want to be called. They’d prefer a message. You can reach out with information you already know about them. That’s insight recruitment consultants can apply to many different situations.

Employee engagement is also a big part of this. When employees aren’t engaged, they are more susceptible to poaching from other companies with better benefits and quality of life. It’s time to invest in the employees you’ve already got.

In case you missed it, you can listen to the first part of the webinar here. Stay tuned for our next webinar on Feb.17, where we tackle the issue of recruiting in the nonprofit sector with “Recruiting on a Dime & for a Social Cause.” We hope to see you there!

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