What Companies Want in HR Tech

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The Information Services Group recently released its "Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Industry," which Forbes notes all human resources leaders should read and understand.

According to the survey, companies expect three benefits from investing in human resources technology solutions: a better user and candidate experience, access to ongoing innovation to support their business and fast implementation.

Improved user experiences are getting even more important, according to Forbes, particularly as the job market favors candidates and new, younger talent enters the workforce with certain expectations of the technology they will encounter. Companies also want to see strategic alignment with their business from their HR tech solutions in areas like enabling flexible work and agile recruiting, according to Forbes, as well as strong analytics capabilities.

Tech Wants and Needs
What most companies want from their HR software includes data security, data privacy, integration with existing systems and customizability.

There are other aspects of HR tech that companies may not know they need. One of these is cloud-based software. ISG reported 50 percent of its 119 survey respondents have or will soon have cloud-based software-as-a-service systems, primarily because they are easy to use, cost-effective and can be updated as frequently as necessary. Companies must also keep in mind that mobile and social are huge in today's job market – any CRM software solution needs a good mobile and social user experience, as well as a great user interface for every platform and use.

Social collaboration tools are also vital, according to Forbes. Collaboration over social channels is a basic expectation for many younger workers, and it is convenient for every generation.

​The Strategic Benefit of Recruiting Software
ISG points out only 15 percent of survey respondents use technology solutions for recruiting – and only 21 percent will do so within 12 months. Forbes remarks the time to implement HR technology is now, before baby boomers exit the workplace en masse, but many companies are still falling behind. For this reason, those firms that do choose to use recruiting software will have a strategic edge over their competitors, increasing the intrinsic benefits of these solutions.

In a highly competitive job market, any advantage a company can gain can make the difference between attracting top talent and settling for less than the best.

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