US hiring increased in May

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The economy is seriously looking up as new jobs exceeded economists’ expectations in May. This means recruiters and staffing firms have likely been busy in the past few months. If the trend continues, companies will keep adding new positions, so it’s time for recruiters to think strategically about sourcing talent, whether that means investing in new applicant tracking software or focusing on employer brand.

A new report from Bureau of Labor Statistics found the U.S. added 280,000 new jobs last month. At the same time, the unemployment rate increased slightly to 5.5 percent. According to The New York Times, rather than being a bad sign, the rise in unemployment indicates that more Americans are returning to the labor force, ready to get back to work.

What were the big jobs?
The report laid out some of the positions that saw the biggest gains:

  • Construction added 17,000 jobs
  • Health care added 46,800
  • Financial services added 13,000
  • Manufacturing grew 7,000
  • Employment services added 26,000 new jobs as well as 20,000 temp jobs.

Staying competitive
Staffing agencies and in-house recruiting teams could have their work cut out for them in the coming months. As the economy continues to improve, it’s going to be a buyer’s market for job seekers. Candidates with in-demand skills will have greater choice in the roles they choose to take on. That means recruiters will have to be more strategic about the ways they source talent.

Recruiters should place an emphasis on employer brand and content and build awareness about their company before job seekers are necessarily active. Companies should use social recruiting strategies to build brand and following. This way, you can begin to develop relationships with job seekers before it is time to fill an open position.

As job seekers have more choice about where they take their skills, recruiters need to focus on building long-lasting relationships.

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