The Mobile Recruiter

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One in five people in the world have a smartphone – and the number of mobile devices is expected to surpass the world's population by 2016, according to HR Bartender. This state of affairs impacts recruiters in many different ways. Recruiters and hiring managers themselves are likely to want to conduct a lot of business on the go, whether on a smartphone or a tablet. A Forrester survey found 66 percent of workers use two or more Internet-connected devices every day, which means many recruiters likely have the option to do so for work purposes.

Recruiters on Mobile
The workplace as a whole is becoming more mobile all the time, enabling staff to complete essential work from any location. This is convenient for professionals who travel frequently or work remotely at any time, and it's also good news for people whose jobs don't always stay in the office. Recruiters may fit this description to a tee. As such, it's important for companies to invest in solutions that allow recruiters to do their work from the field whenever necessary.

Today's modern candidate relationship management platform needs to be natively mobile and social. Salesforce is leading the innovation path for mobile relationship management platforms. More than letting recruiters and hiring managers look at the status of applicants, the platform lets them make and approve important hiring decisions from wherever they happen to be with an Internet connection. 

A recruiter on the way to several meetings can still have a productive day with mobile apps​. Using the Salesforce 1 smart phone app, recruiters can review the day's schedule, the application dashboard and more before they even get out of bed. They can do research before meetings and draw up shortlists of candidates on the train or the taxi, and communicate with their teams during a coffee break.

Don't Lose Vital Features on Mobile
Collaboration is an important part of recruiting, both with colleagues within the department and with other key decision-makers at a business. A mobile recruiting platform that doesn't offer the ability to communicate is not ideal for this reason. Enterprise social collaboration features allow recruiters to log their activities, share information, ask for feedback and more. After an interview taking place that the home office, a recruiter who is traveling can log in and see his or her colleague's notes on the candidate and assess fit and interest from afar, for example.

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