The Mobile Job Seeker

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In the modern, connected world, job seekers rely on many different strategies to find work. The Internet, of course, is key, but it’s now accessed more and more often through mobile devices. Recruiters and companies must understand and engage with this trend to reach as many prospective workers as possible. Mobile adoption for career websites and other job seeking tools has been slow, according to HR Bartender, but it is quickly increasing – companies cannot afford to be left behind.

Job Seeker Behavior on Mobile
The majority of job seekers age 18 to 25 use mobile devices to search for jobs, and 83 percent of active candidates use their mobile devices at some point during their search for employment. The importance of a mobile job site is already well known in the recruiting, but only 20 percent of companies report having a mobile career page, according to Recruiter. Even those that have a mobile-optimized site might need to look into upgrading it, as 60 percent of mobile users expect a website to load in fewer than three seconds.

One billion job searches worldwide are completed monthly on a mobile device. Recruiting leaders must take this into account and get all company stakeholders interested and excited about a mobile recruiting presence at their company if one doesn’t already exist.

Why do Job Seekers Use Mobile?
According to a survey of more than 4,000 job seekers, people choose to use their smart phones because they can look for jobs at any time and in any place. Sixty-four percent of job seekers prefer their smart phones for this reason. Currently, only 39 percent of job seekers will apply directly on their smartphones to an interesting position, while the rest will wait and apply later on their computer. Accommodating user behavior and making it easier to apply on a mobile device may net companies more interest and applications, and will almost certainly make them stand out as mobile-friendly in a space that isn’t quite there yet overall.

Getting serious about mobile functionality for job seekers can give a company an edge over the competition and bring in more candidates than ever before.

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