Supercharge your LinkedIn efforts for better social recruiting

Nolan Gray Corporate Recruiting, Tips & Tricks

LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms to harness for social recruiting. According to an infographic from Akken Cloud, LinkedIn gains two new members each second, adding up to around 332 million users. Roughly 2 in 5 of these users check their accounts every day. It's clear that LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters seeking to fill open positions. However, a lot of recruiters still don't make the most of this site. Here are some tips to empower your LinkedIn recruiting and find better talent:

Improve your profile
Having a strong profile makes a huge difference when tracking down talent on LinkedIn. Potential candidates need to be able to see with just a few glances that you're serious about your vocation. Be sure to have a photo that stands out. LinkedIn recommends using an image in which your face takes up at least 60 percent of the frame. Make sure your expression is warm and friendly; you don't want to intimidate potential employees. Also make sure your headline and summary reflect who you are and what you're passionate about.

Focus on content
LinkedIn's platform doesn't just just give you a place to post your resume publicly, it also gives you the chance to engage in a dialogue with potential recruits. Create content that demonstrates you're a leader and an expert in your field. If you don't have time to write your own posts, share the work of others that strikes a chord with you. Sharing or writing content helps you build a personal brand that candidates will be able to connect with.

Know how to utilize the platform
LinkedIn has many tools that allow recruiters to stay in the loop. The groups feature is helpful for locating communities within specific industries. Akken Cloud recommends searching for appropriate groups, then start engaging in the conversations there. Seek out potential candidates that have the skills, knowledge, and insight you're looking for. The Update Me feature is a great tool for recruiters as well. It allows you to keep abreast of changes to talent profiles. You can do this for up to 150 different individuals.

Get personal
When you see someone who you think would be a perfect fit in your organization, don't be shy. Send them a message. According to LinkedIn, personalized InMail messages receive a 37 percent higher response rate. Take the time to reach out to candidates individually rather than copying and pasting the same statement for each person. Consider highlighting mutual connections too. This extra effort goes a long way.

Have the right technology
Once you've made contact with potential candidates, follow up by investing in better applicant tracking software. It should be easy for candidates to enter their information and seamlessly move through the application process. In addition, you want to maintain an organized talent database where you can determine where each recruit came from and the position for which each is best suited.

LinkedIn is a great way for recruiters to connect with job seekers, but there are ways to go about it more effectively. Implement some of these changes and you'll be ready to engage with the best candidates and start filling up your talent pipeline.

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