Recruiters gear up for summer job season

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Colleges and schools are letting out, and students are hoping to find summer employment. There’s good news on that front – summer hiring is up and so are wages. Recruiters may have their work cut out for them as qualified applicants scramble for remaining positions.

More jobs for the summer
In the past few years, it has been more difficult for young people to find summer employment. During the recent recession, the teen-employment rate decreased significantly. According to an August 2009 article from The New York Times, 25.5 percent of teens who wanted a job were unable to find one during that time. During the recession, many businesses that normally increase hiring for summer simply held back. Things are finally looking up, and not just for teenagers, but for anyone hoping to score a position this summer.

A report from CareerBuilder found 36 percent of employers intend to hire workers this summer, up from just 21 percent between 2008-2011. In addition, 77 percent of those hiring would consider transitioning the summer positions into permanent ones. But the good news doesn’t end there –  more than half of employers will offer pay above the federal minimum wage of $7.25.

While you might assume mostly leisure, retail and hospitality businesses will add positions this summer, the hiring boom extends beyond these industries. Financial services, information technology, manufacturing and healthcare businesses also intend to add jobs.

Attracting summer talent 
Many, though not all, summer applicants will be on the younger side of the spectrum. Using social recruiting strategies could be one of the smartest ways to gain the attention of these applicants. Mobile recruiting will also be important, so double check that your job posts and career pages show up on a smaller screen. As always, employer brand can be crucial. Companies that are well-known are more likely to have a large group of competitive applicants for summer internships and jobs.

Job fairs are another good resource, as Fox Small business pointed out. Be on the lookout for job fairs at schools in the area. An applicant tracking platform that allows mobile access will be ideal for keeping track of all the people you meet at these events. Job fairs are a good way to find a culture fit because you have a chance to talk with job seekers before they even submit an application.

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