How to write job posts that attract the right talent

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The recruiting industry is changing rapidly, but some things are still the same. For instance, the job description is still the go-to resource for attracting candidates. When you have an opening, you throw together a description of the position and post it on the job boards you think are most likely to be teeming with the talent you want. Considering how heavily recruiters rely on these postings, there’s a lot of room for improvement in this area.

Here are some tips for better job descriptions:

Think like a blogger  

There’s often a lot of information that needs to go into a job post, which means the results tend to be long and text heavy. A wall of text is always off-putting, and it may prevent you from getting the candidates you want. It’s easy to overlook key information in this situation, such as a level of experience or education required. You could end up with a lot of the wrong candidates. Inc. suggests breaking up the text using subheads, mini headlines that can lead readers through the post. You may also want to consider using infographic style images to convey the information more effectively.

Keep mobile in mind

Be sure to consider the fact that some applicants will be browsing for jobs on their phones. Limiting the amount of text you use is also important in this regard. Make sure anyone browsing on a phone won’t have to adjust their screen too much to be able to see your job description. Adding subheads will keep it scroll-friendly for mobile users.

Ask for input

In most workplaces, a new hire will be working on a team. The manager may know what skills and attributes she wants, but the rest of her team may have their own ideas. Anyone who will be working alongside a new person should be able to have a look at the job posting before it goes live. This approach makes it easier to find a good culture fit and prevents staff from clashing with a new hire. suggests using a survey tool SurveyMonkey or Google Forms to ask for input from the rest of your team.

Communicate the culture

Too many job posts focus on the job itself and not on the company. Unless you have an incredibly visible employer brand, job seekers may not know who you are. Try to communicate something about the workplace in your post. You don’t just want anyone with the right skills. You want someone who has a passion for the work your company does. In addition to the job description, include some compelling information about your company, or link to blog articles that give a day-in-the-life description of what it’s like to be there.

Use the ad as a screening tool

To make your ad even more effective, consider testing your candidates, according to Inc. Add a specific instruction, like requiring applicants to use a specific word in the subject line of an email. While this approach may seem tricky, it really just screens out applicants that haven’t carefully reviewed the post. This can be beneficial, especially you’re looking for detail-oriented people.

Follow up with a good applicant tracking system

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of crafting a job post that will lure in only the top-tier candidates, make sure you don’t lose them during the application process. Use an applicant tracking system that gives you greater capabilities and allows you to keep track of all candidates, not just the one that is selected this time around. An applicant tracking system with candidate relationship management capabilities is a great way to keep an eye on all of the talent that moves through your company so you can reconnect with them later if need be.

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