Hiring Manager Engagement and Mobile Software

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Hiring managers are crucial to the talent acquisition process, but many are discouraged about their positions. According to the 2014 ERE State of Recruiting survey, hiring managers would not generally recommend their profession to others, and would on average grade their department’s performance with a C . Hiring managers have a variety of expectations to meet and perceptions to conquer from their colleagues, departments and reports, according to ERE’s data. Recruitment leaders are discouraged about the lack of openness of hiring managers to nontraditional candidates, their expectations of recruiters, their incentives to meet hiring goals and their interviewing skills.

Considering the number of tasks a hiring manager takes on in the typical day, an uneven perception of recruiting, and a dispirited attitude toward the career, may make sense. In organizations without excellent talent acquisition solutions that integrate entire departments, the difficulty of collaboration and generating buy-in from all stakeholders can be very high. This is naturally a negative to any professional. However, the right software can help hiring managers interface with recruiting departments more effectively and with mission-critical tasks in mind.

The Mobile Hiring Manager
As mobile technology grows at a remarkable rate, companies can’t afford to be left behind in any of their operations. Using CRM software for recruiting tasks on a mobile device can loop in hiring managers no matter what they do throughout the day. Mobile recruitment software allows hiring managers to check in with the talent acquisition process during moments of downtime at work, no matter where they happen to be. Mobile software allows hiring managers to review resumes, see notes from recruiters and make decisions – all in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

Leveraging mobile software allows hiring managers to stay abreast of the latest developments in a company’s recruitment department minute-by-minute, even when they are occupied with other tasks their positions involve. Whether at the home office or on the road, hiring managers can remain directly involved in every aspect of the talent acquisition process. This can not only help morale and collaboration but also speed up the hiring process by removing any delay between candidate selections and interviews and eventual job offers. Data from ERE shows hiring managers are encouraged by their opportunity to keep their recruitment skills up to date and work with the talent acquisition department, and mobile technology can seamlessly integrate these aspects of their work into every day.

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