Do Your Talented Recruiters Have the Tools to Succeed?

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Being a top recruiter takes talent and skill, as those in the field know very well. However, the natural and learned talents recruiters have can sometimes be misdirected by process-heavy recruiting. Some tools that promise to improve recruiting automate parts of the process that are best approached from a relationship-minded standpoint. Technology can help recruiters build relationships with prospects in ways other than automation.

"If you rely entirely on HR tech to recruit," Megan H. Brio warns in an article for Forbes, "your intuition muscle will atrophy and you'll be at risk of making bad hires."

This highlights the importance of giving people the right tools for the job – and ensuring they have the right talent to use the tools Technology for its own sake is not the best choice for talent acquisition. Ideally, candidate relationship management software simply makes it easier for recruiters to complete their tasks. It doesn't replace, but rather supplements the skills recruiters have worked so hard to gain and exercise for their companies over the years.[like that]

What Technology Tools Can Do
Rather than relying on automation procedures to create good hires, companies need to provide their recruiters with technology that assists them in doing so. Applicant tracking systems can help recruiters and their managers ensure everything is proceeding at a steady pace, and let them work with applicants in the most organized fashion possible. They can also facilitate quick communication with hiring managers and other stakeholders in the hiring process.

Crucially, these systems still rely on a recruiter's own talents. Candidate experience management won't replace people skills or brand awareness, for example, which are vital components of recruiting success. Rather, the best tools in the business allow recruiters to take these talents and channel them in a way that will produce great outcomes.

As the business of recruiting demands more customer-focused skills, like those marketers use, professionals in the industry need to be helped along by technology that will allow them to adopt this mindset. Software that helps track and maintain relationships – much like what salespeople use in customer-facing businesses – is the best choice for recruiters, rather than technology that attempts to automate the process of building relationships. 

Good recruiting technology doesn't make good recruiters – it simply allows them to be even better.

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