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Recruiters know the deal at this point. Employer brand is becoming one of the most important parts of the recruiting process, not matter what industry you’re in.

The importance of employer brand
When job seekers are looking for a new position, brand matters. According to a survey from recruiting software reviewer Software Advice, more than half of job seekers use use online review sites during the course of their search to learn about company culture, work/life balance and career opportunities. Job seekers are already doing the research, so companies should put this information in an obvious place where potential employees can find it more effectively.

The problem is, branding is generally a marketing initiative. And to maintain cohesive branding throughout your organization, recruiters will need to start thinking like marketers. That means recruiting teams either need to add marketing talent or get closer with the marketing department. Here are some tips for bringing recruiting and marketing teams closer:

Realize the common goal
To coordinate your efforts better, it’s important to remember that you have similar goals. The actions of both departments impact the bottom line of the company. Marketers help bring in new business, while recruiters bring in the talent that helps them acquire new business. These two missions have a lot in common. You are both speaking to a specific audience, and these groups overlap frequently. In the end, effectively communicating the awesome things about your company is key to both departments.

Change your mindset
Recruiters can no longer be siloed in the human resources department. Recruiting goes beyond HR and into corporate strategy. Recruiters need to be nimble and need to be able to communicate effectively with individuals throughout the organization. Marketing is just one group recruiters need to get in touch with. They also need to team up with current employees for referral programs. All in all, recruiters will need to be the touch point for many different departments; marketing is just the beginning.

Coordinate your calendars
Ideally, recruiting should be part of the documented marketing strategy. Rather than reach out to marketing when you have an idea, make sure you’re sitting in the room when they create the marketing calendar for the quarter. Bring all of your important dates to the table. Is there a big employment fair or a time you know you’ll be bringing in new talent? Start thinking now about what kind of marketing initiatives you might need. According to Content Marketing Institute, marketing teams that document their strategies are more effective. Could the same be true for recruitment marketing?

Invest in good software
When it comes to coordinating with marketing, great applicant tracking software is a must. Great employer branding not only involves creating compelling Web content, it also involves social recruiting and being where candidates are. Without a tool that allows you to think more like a marketer, you’re not going to be able to capture any of that data and use it effectively. A cloud-based recruiting tool can enable marketers and recruiters to share vital information and communicate more effectively.

This is an exciting time, and recruiters are gaining the chance to have greater responsibilities. To take full advantage of this environment, recruiters need to work more closely with other departments and invest in the tools that can help them truly reach their audience.

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