Data makes the difference in marketing

Data Makes the Difference in Marketing to Job Candidates

Jeremy Corporate Recruiting, Data, Products & Technology

Big data has transformed the way businesses build their marketing strategies, and the importance of analytics continues to grow. According to the CMO Survey for 2017, spending on analytics will represent 22 percent of marketing budgets by 2020. Companies have access to more information about the people using their products and services than ever before, with valuable insights into how they respond to online content and make their way to a purchase.

Meanwhile, many companies are struggling to find skilled employees for open positions. A study from Indeed showed the hardest jobs for small businesses to fill are the ones that require specialized training and experience.To get in touch with the right people in the current hiring environment, human resources specialists and recruiters must take a cue from marketers, drawing on robust data to target exceptional candidates.

Build a strong employer brand online

“An organization seeking to attract skilled workers needs a great reputation.”

An organization seeking to attract skilled workers needs a reputation as a great place for employees to spend their days and build their careers. According to the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research Global Report, long-term job security and good work-life balance are among the top priorities for employees, just behind an appealing salary and benefits. Businesses can appeal to quality candidates by demonstrating the value they have to offer to employees and spreading the word about their accomplishments.

Promoting a company’s values, culture and workplace environment is a powerful method for attracting better talent on a consistent basis. An organization puts its best foot forward with workers by emphasizing a relatable mission and the opportunities they will find ahead. Social media allows stakeholders to track what is being said about a business and in turn show off what the company has to offer, encouraging positive word-of-mouth.

Communicate with a talent network

Staffing agencies and HR departments can take a proactive approach to getting in touch with qualified candidates by developing effective talent networks. Collecting vital information about potential employees allows hiring professionals to move with agility to fill positions as they open up. An online talent community is an increasingly important means for gathering leads on the people best qualified for each job and making the hiring process more efficient.

A branded job board can go beyond providing detailed descriptions of available positions and serve as a centralized location for online recruitment activities. By making it as easy as possible for potential new hires to submit their resumes and basic information, a company expands the reach of its talent network. Streamlining the recruitment process makes it possible to connect with skilled people right away as needs develop, speedily ushering contingent employees through onboarding and scheduling.

Free up time by speeding up candidate matches

One of the best ways of appealing to potential employees is with hiring practices that are exceptionally fast, effective and personable. The longer the interview process, the more likely it is that a great worker will instead take a position elsewhere. With advanced recruitment software, automation allows hiring professionals to find the best-qualified people in their databases and make contact right away.

Auto-matching ranks candidates according to skills, experience and education requirements that are tailored to every position. It becomes a simple matter to prioritize the people best suited to a job, sending an automated request for a phone screen. Instead of spending hours poring over applications from people who don’t meet an organization’s needs, hiring professionals focus on getting to know the most-qualified candidates and showing them why the position is right for them.

In a competitive employment landscape, organizations have to market not just to consumers, but to job candidates. And just like in marketing, data-driven tools can provide the answer. Staffing software from Jobscience is built to simplify the way hiring professionals connect with talent and empower their marketing efforts.