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These days, recruiting and marketing are compared all the time, and with good reason. Recruiters can learn a lot from marketing strategies. For instance, what’s one key component of excellent marketing messages? A clear call to action. Incidentally, it’s one thing that’s missing from many recruiting messages. When combined with social recruiting, content that ends with a great CTA is an effective way to gain more talent in your acquisition pipeline.

Why craft better CTAs?
As Matt Charney points out in an article for Recruiting Daily, people are subjected to an enormous amount of digital noise each day. The same companies bombard inboxes with marketing messages day in and day out, often saying the same things over and over again. What sets successful messages apart? It’s often a great call to action – a message that inspires you to do something after reading it. This message is compelling enough to set itself apart from all of the other messages you see in a given day. Job posts and other recruiting content need to do the same thing.

Think about your job posts. Are they the same every time? Do you just copy and paste and add a few new words when it’s absolutely necessary to do so? If this sounds like you, your job posts are definitely suffering. There’s nothing about your posts that are compelling applicants to click on them.

So why work on creating better CTAs? According to Charney, top talent may not even know they are looking for jobs yet, so a soft sell can help to convince them over time. Secondly, digital marketing tactics allow you to track the effectiveness of various pieces of content and hone your strategies. Over time, this could allow you to reduce cost per hire, for which executives will only thank you.

How to write better CTAs
Marketers don’t inherently know how to do this any better than recruiters, but they are used to writing and testing and going back to the drawing board to try again. That being said, marketers know best how to write a CTA that truly drives action. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep it short but clear
    According to Vertical Response, an email marketing software provider, the CTA needs to be relatively short to pack a punch. Keep it between two and five words.
  • Choose wording carefully
    A CTA should show immediate value for the applicant. Rather than, “Apply now,” which implies work, use something like “Start your career.” This language gives the reader a good reason to click on the link. Yes, they know they will be filling out some kind of application, but the reason behind this action is important to emphasize.
  • Make it stand out
    A good call to action will draw the eye right away. That means it needs to stand out from the surroundings. Most companies accomplish this by using a colorful button.
  • Reach candidates where they are 
    Social and mobile recruiting tactics enable recruiters to more effectively reach candidates with the right message at the right time. Make sure your recruiting content is optimized for mobile devices and that you’re promoting it on social networks.

Recruiters can make their messages more powerful by thinking about the reason behind each piece of content and making sure readers understand it too. A clear and compelling call to action drives candidates to apply and makes the company more memorable.

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