Are You Taking Advantage of the Jobseeker’s Holiday Season?

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The period between Thanksgiving and the new year is certainly a different one for most companies than the rest of the year. There is time off and vacation aplenty, and it may be necessary to take a little longer to get through the hiring process to accommodate absences and holiday schedules.

However, this is precisely why intelligent recruiters make a point of reaching out to their candidates actively during this season. This is particularly true of selective recruiting and the process of sourcing, as job seekers often take a holiday at this time of year as well. Instead of wading through hundreds or thousands of resumes, recruiters can take this time to find and create relationships with top talent with niche skills – even points out that these people are likely to be less busy at this time of year, making it easier to reach them. Here are some things to remember when seeking to excel at talent acquisition during the end of the year:

People are More Receptive
Whether it’s the holiday spirit or just having less to do at work, people are often more willing to respond to recruiters who reach out during December. Part of this may be a result of the culture of New Year’s resolutions – many people take stock of their lives at the end of the year and the beginning, and some may find their career is lacking. Other reasons can include simple boredom at work while everyone’s on vacation or barely working, which can be an aggravating environment for top performers. December is a natural time to reflect back on one’s life in general, which is why recruiters need to get in touch with their top candidates in time to be part of that consideration.

Focus Your Energy Where it Matters
Even if things are going a little more slowly than usual at the office, recruiters are always up to something. Over the holidays, this can mean precious time to do things like cultivate relationships for strategic positions, work to fill the talent pipeline and sit down to write compelling targeted content. This can be the case particularly for recruiters who don’t celebrate the winter holidays that everyone else is caught up in, whether because of culture or location. After all, international talent is hardly sitting down to Thanksgiving at the end of November.

With a little hard work and a lot of good timing, December can be a top month for recruiting.

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