5 steps to creating a better employer brand in 2015

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One of the things our panelists focused on in Part 1 of our webinar, “Tools a Recruiter Cannot Live Without in 2015,” was the importance of successful employer branding. Employers need to communicate their value to job seekers, not just the other way around. Often, there are great benefits to working at a company, but the organization doesn’t do an awesome job of communicating them. It’s time for recruiters to step up their branding game. Here are some tips.

Know your audience
Just like any brand, you are aiming at a specific group of people. Before you can be truly successful, you need to define this target group and determine how and where to best reach them. ERE.net pointed out that recruiters may want to do some research to learn the answers to these questions.

Make your message clear
One thing that separates employers with great brands from those that don’t is a clear and consistent message, according to CareerBuilder. Once you understand who your audience is, determine what kind of voice you want and what type of content potential job seekers will respond to.

Use the right content
Content can help you effectively communicate the value of your organization. Articles, videos and other types of content can help you provide information and start a conversation, according to CareerBuilder. Most companies produce content, but it’s not always contained in the recruiting portion of the website. Consider working with marketing to better align marketing content to meet both recruiting and sales goals.

Leverage technology
You won’t be a top employer brand without cutting edge technology to go along with your content and messaging. Having a cutting-edge, forward-thinking, or applicant-friendly brand won’t help you much if your recruiting methods are stuck in the Dark Ages. Considering retooling your recruiting technology: look for great applicant tracking, mobile and social recruiting platforms.

Define goals
As you unroll a new employer branding initiative, select key performance indicators and other objectives. It could be the number of new applicants for each position, or other metrics that help determine how attractive your organization is to new applicants.

This year could be the year that a great employer brand becomes vital for success as a company. Get started on a plan to better communicate the value of your company over a competitor. Create a brand identity that job seekers will want to be a part of.

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