2 Ways to for Job Seekers to Use This Summer Wisely

Nolan Gray Corporate Recruiting, Staffing

If you're looking for a new job, summer might be a time when the pace of your life slows down enough to concentrate seriously on important tasks in your search. Whether you're currently employed or not, you can take advantage of lazy summer days to get closer to your goals. Here are a few areas to focus on:

Build Your Personal Brand Online
While personal branding as a phrase is fairly new, the concept of creating an image of yourself to help in your career and life is very old, according to marketer Jim Joseph, writing for Entrepreneur. At its simplest level, your personal brand is simply the image you project. In the age of ever-present social media, you're projecting that image a lot more often than anyone could have in the past, and it deserves your attention. How you present yourself to the world has a big impact on your career prospects, and you deserve a personal brand you have created with intention.

Regarding social media and your personal brand, Joseph recommends concrete steps you can begin to take. First of all, you should always look closely at pictures you have decided to upload, especially if your personal brand at this team leads toward professionalism. Few potential employers will think twice about pictures of your new puppy, while some will be put off by images of your newly stocked bar, for example. For text, you should read everything you are about to post twice, and edit every post with an eye toward your brand. Despite the temptation of instant interaction, you should also be sure to pause before reacting to anything on social media. Make sure you act consistently and in a way that will not damage your personal brand.

Take Time for Learning
No matter what you know or how far up the corporate ladder you are, there's always time to learn something new or develop a skill that's gotten rusty in recent years. This is especially true in the Internet age – you can pick up coding in your free time, access numerous free courses from top universities including Ivy League institutions and more. If you're motivated to pick up a new skill or pursue an interest that will make you more satisfied and well-rounded in and out of the workplace, you have many ways to do so now. If you are between jobs, pursuing education and development will fill your resume and show prospective employers you stay on top of your career even when you have no formal position.

Continuing education and development in your specific career field are also widely available, no matter what your area is. There are online options and classes in person, as well as conferences and conventions that proliferate during the summer months. While these may require a more structured investment of time and even finances, they can pay off wonderfully in your career and in your job search.

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