2 Sales Tips for Recruiting Success

Denise Martinez Corporate Recruiting, Staffing, Tips & Tricks

Recruiters can learn a lot from the world of sales. After all, convincing a candidate to accept a job offer is a lot like closing a sale – and the similarities begin much earlier than that. Adjusting to thinking of recruitment as something that involves a kind of sales cycle and demands sales skills can make talent acquisition professionals more effective. To start with, here are a few sales tips recruiters can use:

Track Relationships
The best salespeople working now don’t rely on their memories – or their spreadsheets – to help them develop relationships with prospects at different stages of the sales funnel, according to Business 2 Community. Recruiters shouldn’t miss out on technology that lets them track relationships either. The best recruiting software borrows features from sales- and customer-centric systems, and allows recruiters to keep tabs on who they are talking to and keep information on those people close. This can help relationships develop over time – and a close relationship makes it easier to close a sale or a job offer.

Tell Stories
Salespeople who are good storytellers make more sales. Recruiters need to do the same. Rather than just talking about how great a job is, make a story out of it. The narrative needs to relate to the candidate’s own problems and desires (which is one of the places that relationship-building will come in handy). An elevator speech has its place, but a story is something else. It uses images, drama and engaging language, according to Customer Think. Recruiters can use stories to plant an idea in a candidate’s mind that this job, out of all of his or her options, is the absolute best. This takes practice, and often a few rehearsals, but it’s a powerful sales strategy recruiters can use.

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