How to Get Passive Workers at Your Staffing Firm

Nolan Gray Staffing, Tips & Tricks

Finding talented workers and bringing them into the staffing firm can be a struggle for staffing professionals, as passive employees may not necessarily be looking for new jobs at the moment the staffing firm is recruiting. Here are three strategies for recruiting passive candidates for staffing firms that staffing professionals need to adopt.

How To Find Clients For Your Recruiting Business

Nolan Gray Staffing, Tips & Tricks

Do you own a contingency search firm? Do you develop business for a search firm? If so, this long blog post is meant for you. However, if you are tasked with finding new business leads in any industry, the advice herein may still be of use. So, no matter the industry or enterprise you serve, please continue on. In a …

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5 Tips for Crafting More Effective Job Postings

Nolan Gray Staffing, Tips & Tricks

If you’re trying to hire top-tier talent (and who isn’t?), you need to put your best foot forward. The first impression prospective candidates often have in our world of online recruiting is your job posting. And if it’s dull, drab or generic, that’s likely the kind of candidates you’ll attract. You know the sayings – there’s so many that cover …