Branding Your Business to Attract the Best Candidates

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What does corporate brand have to do with recruiting talent? It actually has a lot more to do with developing a steady pipeline of great candidates than you can imagine. In fact, this year more employers than ever before are focusing in on their corporate brand strategy to become candidate magnets.

How important is brand in corporate recruitment?

Bernard Hodes Group, a global integrated talent provider, released its 2012 white paper The Growing Value of Employer Brands that indicated just how critical corporate brands are to recruitment efforts. A pool of employers was asked what the status of their branding strategy was, and the responses are above. More than half of the companies indicated they already have a branding strategy in place. 35 percent were either being revised or in various stages of development.

Who should be in charge of development the corporate brand?

Interestingly enough, what the Hodes’ survey shed light on is the fact that the Human Resources holds as much responsibility and stake in the success of a corporate branding policy as the internal marketing and communications teams.

To further back this evidence up, LinkedIn also released a special report in the third-quarter of 2012 called The State of Employer Brand that indicates more employers than ever before are concerned with their employer brand as a way to attract better talent. Some surprising figures resulting from this in-depth study of over 3,000 global employers and their recruitment brand strategy included:

  • 83 percent of employers believe that a good corporate brand can deliver higher quality candidates.
  • Over half of the polled employers are taking active steps to improve their brand for recruitment needs.
  • Talent acquisition is the leading factor in the decision to invest in an updated corporate brand 61 percent of the time.
  • LinkedIn claims that a brand can reduce recruitment costs by as much as 50 percent.

You can review a slideshow of this special report here, for more information about the impact that recruitment goals have on developing corporate brands.


How do I develop a clear corporate brand to attract great candidates?


To create a candidate attracting brand, start with the basic building blocks of business. This graphic from Employer Branding Today (Universum) illustrates your three main focus areas:

Business Plan – Use your business plan to decide where you want to grow your business, and how you want to project your company goals and mission statement.

Workforce Plan – Identify the top skillsets and candidate backgrounds you need to meet critical project goals. This will also help you to develop a brand that appeals to your target candidate market.

Employer Branding Plan – Combine the first two elements to create an employer branding plan that’s worthy of both your marketing and recruitment efforts.

Your first step towards branding your company as an employer of choice is to step into your candidates’ world. Learn what motivates them, what they are interested in, and what types of communication reaches them. Design your company shirt with your logo and give them out to candidates you interview and to your staff members. Combine your corporate brand with social networking and an employee referral program, all tied into your corporate talent management solution. Make sure your brand communicates clearly what your company is about and how you are better than the competition.