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The AI Mindset: 4 Ways to Make it Work for You

Nolan Gray Artificial Intelligence, Products & Technology

We’ve all heard the buzzwords, and we know there are varying levels of AI from basic automation of tasks to machine learning and predictive analysis. It may seem like a new technology, but AI has been floating around since 1997 when IBM developed a chess-playing computer that defeated reigning world champion, Garry Kasparov.

AI is more prevalent now thanks to the boundless information available on social sites, and the advancements made by major tech companies. It’s now prevalent in everyday industries such as in medicine, transportation, finance, education and recruitment.

The key with all this great technology is how you make it work for you and use it as a competitive advantage. Here are four possibilities to help streamline your process:

1. Automating Your Employee Referral Program

The top quality hires for many organizations are employee referral hires. Historically, referral hires are more engaged and stay longer. Research shows that over 70% of companies have an official employee referral program, with many paying bonuses over $1,000 for a successful hire. Yet, less than 5% report meeting their goals for referral hires. The companies that report the most success with these programs, have a combination of automation and AI to help manage the process. Consider the following:

  • Make sure the employees are aware of new openings. They usually know what’s happening in their department, but not the whole company. Set an automated notification process that when you create a new job requisition, it emails or sends a text to your employees with key information.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to score and rank the referred applicant’s skills compared to the job.
  • Again, use automated notifications to keep your employee informed of when their referral is moved to certain stages of the process. This keeps the employee engaged and more willing to continue to refer others.
  • This last step has nothing to do with AI, but be sure to promote the referral success across the company to inspire others to participate.

2. Use a Chat-Bot for basic candidate interaction

There are software apps available that will answer candidate questions on company benefits, policies and culture through text, social media, e-mail or through a chat client where candidates can receive instant information. Recruiters won’t spend time repeatedly answering the same questions. If the chat-bot doesn’t know the answer, it will connect with a recruiter before answering. If you do choose to use this technology, be sure it works across social media and text. According to Glassdoor for Employers, 79% of candidates use social media in their search. The new generations are more likely to communicate via mobile devices because they have grown up in a world of instant gratification, and are always connected.

3. Eliminate unqualified candidates

31% of companies surveyed said it is very difficult to find qualified candidates. One of the contributing factors that many recruiters encounter is the number of applicants they have to review. Recruiters either take too much time reviewing candidates or rushing only to overlook potential candidates. Make automated technology do the grunt work for you. Recruitment software will monitor, score and present only qualified candidates for you. This allows the recruiter to spend more time with quality candidates and creating a personal connection.

4. Automate Reference Checking

Reference checking is an important part of hiring, but often overlooked or not fully completed by recruiters due to the time required. Why not automate some of the processes? Good ATS systems can send a form to the candidate, requesting reference contact information such as emails. Once the candidate completes the form and clicks submit, the references are recorded on the candidate’s record and trigger the next step. A new form is now sent to each reference with a set of standard questions. Once completed, the information is recorded and the recruiter can be notified. You can also have an automated email sent to the reference, thanking them for their time, promoting your brand, and asking if they would be interested in learning about positions with your company.

These are only a few of the many ways to leverage technology from the most basic automation of tasks to the scientific analysis. For many years, the Jobscience has done this, hence the tagline “The Science of Recruiting.” As a leader in the recruitment space, we take our work very seriously. Our product development team is working around the clock to improve recruiters lives through technology. We’re excited about the future and can’t wait to share it with you.