AI Makes Recruiting Simple

Nolan Gray Artificial Intelligence, Products & Technology

With the vast number of applications available for staffing companies to use, it can be quite cumbersome and time consuming for recruiters to manually parse through millions of resumes to find top tier talent. However, with the rise of advanced technology flooding recruitment, hiring professionals are now beginning to accept help from artificial intelligence to reduce time on tedious tasks in order to make their jobs easier.

Imagine a world of recruitment where you are able to source an ideal candidate profile by job type when your database automatically analyzes and scores the best candidates for you. Another example of utilizing AI efficiently is through Jobscience Forms. Forms is a set of qualifying questions that can eliminate unqualified candidates during the application process. Based on the answers, the system automatically notifies the applicant of their status. Furthermore, if the applicants meet the job requirements, they are automatically presented with the ability to see the recruiter’s availability, and schedule a phone screen at their own convenience This facilitates engagement with the applicant and reduces the time recruiters spend chasing candidates.

With the growing promotion of AI by industry giants such as Salesforce and IBM, AI tools are rapidly maturing in their capabilities from facial and emotional recognition in video, to smart analysis and prioritization of job orders. Soon, you’ll only be limited by your own imagination.