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How AI Connects Recruiters with Top Talent

Nolan Gray Artificial Intelligence, Market Trends, Products & Technology

The work of recruiters and HR professionals revolves around making connections with quality candidates. As organizations strive to snatch up these applicants in a fast-paced job market and processes become increasingly automated, questions arise about how the latest technology will affect these roles. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the ways businesses operate on a daily basis and plan for the long-term, but what does it mean for recruitment?

While automation is having a huge impact on how businesses seek new talent, these systems are not replacing hiring professionals. Rather than supplanting the work of human experts, AI-empowered tools will make it possible for them to do their jobs better and more efficiently. By understanding how advanced recruitment software is changing the game, staffing agencies and businesses can adapt to make the most of AI’s capabilities and form stronger connections with new employees.

Empowering candidate matches

“Recruiters need a more effective and agile approach to candidate matches.”

In a 2016 study conducted by Management Recruiters International Network, 86 percent of recruiters and 62 percent of employers described the current job market as candidate-driven. A major reason why job applicants are able to take charge of interactions is that organizations are having a hard time finding people with the necessary skills for open positions. To shift the momentum and capture the best talent, recruiters need a more effective and agile approach to making candidate matches.

Auto-matching gives hiring professionals the necessary edge, allowing them to gain an immediate view into the candidates in their database. With advanced scoring that’s customized to a company’s needs and preferences for its next employee, an applicant tracking system can go beyond organizing resumes and facilitate real insights. AI brings businesses and jobseekers together faster, ensuring recruiters contact the individuals with the right combination of education, experience and skills.

Simplifying scheduling and onboarding

According to the American Staffing Association, more than 3 million people a week on average work as temporary or contract employees. When organizations have immediate staffing needs, it’s especially important to get employees hired and on-site as quickly as possible. Automation allows businesses to execute just-in-time recruitment without sacrificing a focus on hiring quality workers.

With a system that provides immediate awareness when organizations need help, across multiple sites, staffers can act right away to locate the proper talent. Automatic scheduling eliminates the headaches of matching up the availability of temporary workers with the requirements of employers. Modules for compliance and payroll streamline otherwise time-consuming paperwork and ensure an agency is following regulations and hiring employees with any necessary certifications.

Freeing recruiters to form relationships

There are some human activities that remain beyond the capabilities of AI. MIT Technology Review explained that, while natural language processing has come a long way, researchers continue to grapple with the question of how to program an AI with an advanced understanding of everyday communications. That means essential business relationships will continue to be driven by human interactions for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, there are individuals with the training and experience to handle direct communications with jobseekers. Staffing software puts relevant information in front of hiring professionals and equips them with the tools they need to get in touch with applicants or contingent workers.

By delivering greater efficiency to so many aspects of the recruitment process, AI gives people back much of the time they spent poring over paperwork and sorting through resumes. That means they have more freedom to concentrate on making human connections, getting to know job candidates better and smoothing their transitions into new roles. Hiring professionals can focus on using strong social recruiting strategies to get in touch with passive candidates and seize opportunities to enhance the organization’s employer brand.

For businesses and staffing agencies interested in leveraging AI for their recruitment processes, Jobscience offers a robust, versatile platform that’s fully integrated into Salesforce. The Hiring Logistics interface offers enhanced visibility and options for instant communication with workers, so recruiters can take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest in software tools. With automated processes for matching candidates to open positions, placing temporary workers on the schedule and managing compliance and payroll, Jobscience changes the way hiring professionals build relationships.