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A Tale of Two Talent Pools: Recruiting and Staffing Software

Jeremy Corporate Recruiting, Staffing

Despite the fact that staffing and recruiting are often lumped together into the same conversation, the technology necessary for both business functions isn’t exactly the same. While there is some overlap, recruiting and staffing software diverge in the primary goals that companies seek to fulfill in using these resources.

Under the broad category of talent management, we have two types of software that play critical roles in ensuring agencies and employers discover top talent in the most efficient manner possible and keep the back office running in a more lean and agile way.

What is staffing software and who uses it?

This type of software allows staffing agencies to take control of the entire process of seeking out top talent while also managing back office functions. In essence, it brings together multiple departments into one unified platform so that organizations have clarity into every aspect of the staffing agency.

For instance, staffing managers can:

  • Parse job orders
  • Sort through and respond to inquiries
  • Generate candidate presentations
  • Leverage skill rating capabilities

With staffing software, companies are able to rapidly convert inquiries into job contacts. In addition, managers have a clear idea of close rates and track the results of their placements using a powerful dashboard.

Staffing agency employees have a unique interest in using this type of software because they’re able to connect the dots between leads generated through the marketing and sales departments and close rates as staffing managers direct the right talent to specific clients.

What is recruiting software and who uses it?

Following a different branch of virtually the same tree, recruiting software is a robust automation tool that takes much of the from-the-gut decision-making out of the process of discovering talent. Employers from any industry can take advantage of this resource to:

  • Find top talent
  • Engage candidates
  • Qualify prospects
  • Hire rockstars
  • Measure and track results

In many ways, recruiting software is aligned with marketing automation tools. The best-of-breed solutions will integrate with a customer relationship management platform so that all contact data is captured and stored in an enterprise-wide location. At the same time, finding talent is the equivalent of marketing a brand and position for job seekers, which can be done more effectively and accurately using recruiting software to post jobs, track responses and follow up with the most promising individuals.

Like staffing software, recruiting software is scalable across an entire organization and allows multiple departments to collaborate using a single, powerful platform. As Tech Target wrote, recruiting software leverages analytics to assess and rank candidates while also housing large amounts of data that can be synthesized to get a better picture of each job seeker. The same can be said of top-of-the-line staffing software.