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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Company LinkedIn Page

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Just as in prior years, having a webpage was a business necessity (and still is). Today, having a LinkedIn page for your business is critical and it’s not enough that you have just a basic one – you need a really good one. Your company LinkedIn page may be the first impression you leave with a potential client or recruitment candidate, so it must be great.

What’s more, with recruiting increasingly becoming more social and LinkedIn poised to be the next big thing, you’ve got to have a LinkedIn page that will attract candidates and encourage them to consider your company for employment. Here’s what you need to know to improve your company ranking on this growing networking portal:

[title size=”2″]#1 Pump Up Your Profile[/title]

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Just like with search engines, LinkedIn search results are algorithm driven and if you’re not fully integrated and making the most of your profile, you make it harder to be found. So assign someone with a talent for the written word to fill out all of the fields including: company description (one-two paragraphs that tell a story), specialties, industry, web URL and each and every field as accurately and completely as possible.

[title size=”2″]#2 Show What You Sell, Do and Who You Are[/title]

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You can get a lot more followers if you make the most of your products and services page. LinkedIn estimates this can double your followers! List your products and services that potential customers may search for or that potential candidates may include in their job search fields. Link to content on your webpage about industry innovations, how-to’s, blogs and research. Add images and videos about your offerings, customer or staff testimonials.

[title size=”2″]#3 Get Social[/title]

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Because it’s a social media enterprise at heart, LinkedIn is about making connections. Joining groups relevant to your industry is a preliminary step – even better is to be part of the conversation. This task can be shared among executives and key leadership to keep your firm active without overly taxing one resource. Add a LinkedIn follow button on your webpage and other social media pages to beef up your followers.

[title size=”2″]#4 Get Everyone Involved[/title]

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Get your employees involved with you on LinkedIn. Not all social media is built for employee-company interaction. We’ve written before that Facebooking with your staff isn’t recommended – especially not during work hours – but LinkedIn is the perfect conduit. Ask your employees to connect with the company on LinkedIn and encourage them to beef up their profiles as well. Past staffers you’re on good terms with should be sent LinkedIn connection requests as well – this is a great task for HR to take on since you know everyone who worked there and how receptive they’d likely be to the invite!

[title size=”2″]#5 Crank Out Some Content[/title]

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This is a great outlet for content that will shine a good light on your firm and beef up your visibility. Don’t post sales ads or anything that sounds like a commercial. What you can offer is informative content that will benefit and illuminate readers. This can include blogs or photos from trending industry events such as Disrupt 2013, humorous industry insights (as long as they are appropriate) and videos of company events (community giving activities, office field day or other original content that’s relevant and interesting). Best of all is if it goes viral!

If you’re not already using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, you should be and revamping (or establishing) your company profile is the best way to get noticed. If you’re wondering when you’ll find the time to deal with beefing up your company’s LinkedIn page, consider streamlining some of your other HR and recruiting activities with some of Jobscience’s award winning tools!