5 Traits of Highly Effective Recruiters

Nolan Gray Corporate Recruiting, Staffing

Recruiting can be a hard job. A great recruiter can help his or her business grow by finding the needle-in-the-haystack candidates that have fresh ideas and the right experience. Less skilled recruiters may not make it as obvious that their company is the best one to work for and lose out on these top-tier candidates. What are the attributes that separate a great recruiter from a mediocre one?

1. They think of job seekers as customers

Now that the Great Recession has passed us by, employment is back up, which means the best candidates will be harder to track down. Thinking like a business attracting customers helps recruiters win over indecisive candidates and attract more talent. That’s why recruiters need to be marketing-minded. Recruiters need to be able to sell the benefits of their business and build brand affinity. They also need to be customer service experts. Responsiveness to queries from job seekers is a key part of the job. If applicants don’t get the job, you still follow up, even if it’s with a brief note.

2. They are great communicators

Recruiters need to be able to hobnob with many different people, including hiring managers and job seekers, and effectively communicate the benefits of working with the company or staffing firm. Many job hunters still have misconceptions about working with staffing firms, so recruiters have to communicate the benefits. Of course, they must also understand how to be tactful when relaying bad news. Recruiters are often the first point of interaction job seekers have with a company, so they need to be able to make a great impression.

3. They keep up with trends

Job seekers are customers, and their behavior changes with the times. People use mobile devices to make purchases and use social platforms to hunt for job opportunities. A growing number of firms expect recruiters to have experience with social media. Great recruiters stay on top of these trends and respond by introducing new technology, like mobile recruiting. And making a mobile-friendly website, too!

4. They are great listeners

Being a recruiter means asking the hard questions sometimes, and that means you need to truly listen to what a candidate is saying. An insightful follow-up question could open up a new line of inquiry that will help you determine whether the candidate is a good fit. Great recruiters also listen to criticism about their recruiting and onboarding process and make changes to improve. For staffing agencies, this also means listening to client feedback so they can be sure to do the best job possible.

5. They think about the bottom line

Recruiters can’t just think about filling an open position. They also need to think about the cost of each hire and how it’s impacting the rest of the organization. Once again, this may mean keeping their eyes trained on the next big thing, like recruiting software that can increase the ease and efficiency of the hiring process. It also means finding the person that will be able to make a measurable impact in that open position.

Recruiters require a unique set of strengths and talents, from listening and communicating to staying ahead of trends and understanding their unique place within an organization. Do you have what it takes to become a highly successful recruiter?