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Top 4 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach at a Staffing Agency

Jeremy Data, Staffing, Tips & Tricks

Recent high-profile data breaches at Equifax and Anthem should cause every business to double check that its systems are secure. Staffing agencies are hardly immune to data security issues, especially since these agencies deal with large quantities of potentially sensitive candidate data, such as Social Security numbers.

In 2012, Staffing Industry Analysts reported that executive search firm Korn Ferry had been the target of a data security breach. In January 2014, Texas-based Snelling Staffing suffered a security breach that affected close to 10,000 current and former employees of the firm, according to a release from New Hampshire Department of Justice.

Without following best practices and working with a staffing software vendor that understands the importance of data security, staffing agencies could face serious issues, and the overall brand will be negatively affected should a breach occur. Candidates may be reluctant to apply to an open position through a staffing firm that was the victim of a security breach, and clients may choose to work with a competitor instead. Think about data safety now before it’s too late. Here are some 4 key tips to prevent a security leak in your staffing firm:

1. Use the right staffing software
Jobscience is built on the Salesforce platform. That means Jobscience inherits Salesforce’s world-class security and privacy solutions to protect customer and candidate data. Salesforce and Jobscience have a commitment to data security and privacy and continue to improve the platform to prevent breaches. Data security is one of the principles Salesforce was founded on, and that remains true to this day.

2. Educate employees at your firm
Without proper training, employees could inadvertently cause a security leak. Periodically train staff on the importance of data safety. For instance, staff should not share certain information over the phone, and any physical documents with sensitive data need to be destroyed. Make it company policy not to collect or store information the organization doesn’t need and get rid of data when it’s no longer needed, Kroll, an information management firm, suggested.

3. Keep software up to date

Many breaches occur because companies don’t keep their software updated. Whenever an update or patch becomes available for software your business uses frequently, it’s important to take a moment to download the new version. It’s also incredibly important to keep security software up to date.

4. Back up your data
Take ongoing measures to protect your systems from a data security issue. If your system crashes or becomes infected with malware, you could lose important business information. It’s important to regularly back up crucial business data so it’s not lost. in addition, regularly schedule risk assessments to determine whether any new software or procedures put you in greater danger for a breach than before.

According to Kroll, the average cost of a breach in 2014 was $5.9 million. Security breaches are expensive to deal with, and such an event can seriously damage your staffing firm’s reputation. Work to improve data security and protective measures to prevent a costly breach from taking place.