The “Jerry Maguire” economy is about more than the money

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In the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” the title character is driven from a cushy post at a sports agency by the realization that he is not doing all he can for his clients. Jerry wants to live up to his promises, delivering quality work and treating the professional athletes he represents as people, not just means to an end. If …

Staffing has an Answer for the Gig Economy

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, MARCH 6, 2017 – Jobscience delivers an answer to the gig economy for the staffing Industry. Today, staffing companies face a new set of competitors as the likes of Uber and Fiverr force global leaders to rethink their model for managing a mobile workforce. Jobscience is meeting the market challenge with an agile and robust new Hiring Logistics …