year of the horse is the year of talent

The Year of The Horse is The Year of Talent

Nolan Gray Staffing

January 31, 2014 is the official start of the Chinese New Year and respectively The Year of the Horse. Those born during the Year of the Horse are characterized with words like “talent / talented”. Thus, I personally declare and celebrate 2014 as The Year of Talent. Celebrating Talent from a 4 Point View Core to the CRM-based recruiting practice …

Jobscience SMS to shortlists

NEW: Contact Your Shortlists via SMS

Nolan Gray Staffing

Up until now, if you wanted to send out a bulk communication to a list of candidates from Jobscience, the only way to do it is via email. Email is great but job seekers will want to hear from you via text also, which opens up an opportunity for recruiters to communicate to their short lists via SMS directly from …

Jobcience speed review

Review Candidate Resumes Faster Than Ever

Nolan Gray Staffing

At Jobscience, our product team’s mission is to continually streamline the user experience and enable you to #hirefaster. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about “Speed Review”. In the past, reviewing a list of applicants next to a job, meant you had to click into each profile to view their details and resume. The multiple clicks to get through …

Data Stewardship – a new skill for your Linkedin profile?

Nolan Gray Staffing

“We should all be proud of adding Data Stewardship to our LinkedIn profile, or even better; having a friend endorsing our data stewardship, – wouldn’t that be cool?” [separator top=”40″ style=”none”] Although the origin of the Steward originates from the house keepers and servants of old Scottish castles, the 21st century image of data stewards has nothing to do with housekeeping and serving …

Case Study: Finding Needles in the IT Talent Haystack

Jeremy Staffing

Supply and demand are unyielding constants in the IT employment space. There are too many open positions and not enough qualified people. The shortfall is nothing but friction that a hiring firm has to smooth out. That is the position that Strategic IT Staffing, LLC, occupies every day. Based in the Sacramento metro area, Strategic IT compiles and combs through various …

Recruiting for the European Marketplace

Jeremy Staffing

There is a curious paradox in the European recruitment marketplace today: high-unemployment and growing vacancies. Even as parts of EU battle crippling slowdown (and its byproduct, unemployment), a large number of businesses struggle to find suitable candidates for open positions. These unprecedented economic times are particularly challenging for recruiters who must brave demographic changes, shifts and employment patterns and realign …

Jobscience Delivers First Native Mobile App Designed for Hiring Managers

Jeremy News

Dedicated Mobile App for Hiring Managers Accelerates Hiring Decisions SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 18, 2013) – Dreamforce ’13 – Jobscience Inc., the leader in recruiting engagement software, today announced Jobscience Mobile Manager, the recruiting industry’s first native mobile app that is designed specifically for hiring managers. The Jobscience Mobile Manager app accelerates hiring by taking advantage of managers’ micro-moments …

Stearns Lending Speeds Hiring and On-Boarding by Adopting Jobscience Recruiting

Jeremy News

Recruiters Tap Into Cloud-Based Relationship Management App With Easy-to-Design Reports, Dashboards and HTML Emails   SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 20, 2013) –Jobscience Inc., the leader in Recruiting Engagement software, today announced that Stearns Lending, Inc., a leading national mortgage lender with Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent and financial institution business channels, has improved the productivity and collaboration of its recruiters and on-boarding team through …

How To Support HR & Recruiting With Big Data

Jeremy Staffing

Raising ITs Focus On How To Support HR & Recruiting With Big Data Big data has exploded over the past two years, with an astonishing two quintillion bytes of data being created daily. While these hefty loads of information too large for software programs to handle have always existed to a certain extent, today’s technologies are allowing for faster methods of gathering …

Greg Savage | Building a Talent Community

Jeremy Staffing

[youtube id=”z0tQYBTNPJ4″ width=”600″ height=”300″] (Ted Elliott Interviews Greg Savage, in Sydney Australia) Last month, Jobscience teamed up with 2Cloudnine to sponsor the 2013 RCSA Acumen Series in Australia and New Zealand. Recruiting expert, Greg Savage, covered recruiting trends that are shaping the industry, while addressing the reinvention of traditional skills such as building talent communities, deal architecture, the role of …

Top 3 Recruitment Practices

Jeremy Staffing

Finding the right people to fill essential company roles has always been a priority, but as Baby Boomers reach retirement age, employers will be facing a wave of vacancies. Successful companies have already noted the dynamic change from an employer- to candidate-driving hiring process. Attracting quality hires relies heavily on these three recruitment practices:

Deduping Candidates in a Recruitment Solution

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Deduping candidates requires a more delicate and sophisticated matching process than deduping business contacts. When consolidating candidates in a world class recruitment solution to more effectively manage and automate your recruitment efforts, the challenge of dealing with duplicate data is more important than ever. Deduping candidates and deduping business contacts are not the same thing, prepare yourself for the pitfalls. Deduping …

The Importance of Employment Branding for Talent Acquisition

Jeremy Staffing

To attract the cream of the proverbial crop of employees in your industry, talent acquisition professionals know it is important to identify what the top talent is looking for and how to position their company.  You don’t want to be left behind because of a lack in human capital. Attract the movers and shakers who will take your company to the …

Jobscience Empowers Talener Group to Embrace Digital Recruiting and Enterprise Social Networking

Jeremy News

Nationwide IT Staffing Agency Uses Jobscience to Improve Information Retrieval and Enhance Communications Between Geographically Dispersed Offices ORLANDO, FL–(Marketwired – Oct 8, 2013) – Staffing World 2013 — Jobscience Inc., the leader in Recruiting Engagement software, today announced that Talener Group, a national IT staffing agency, has relied upon the Jobscience Recruiting platform to drive the company’s move from paper-based systems to a more …