Strategies for recruiting

Strategies for the Future of Recruiting

Jeremy Corporate Recruiting, Staffing

With job growth booming, it’s becoming more time consuming to fill jobs. This means recruiters need to up the ante when it comes to seeking out the right talent.

Recruiters need to be more strategic about how they seek out and source talent. Recruiting increasingly parallels digital marketing as job hunters use Web-based channels to seek new positions. Recruiters need to refocus their efforts in several key areas.

Start earlier in the process
The traditional role of the recruiter has been to get in touch with active job seekers and fill talent gaps at the company. But this approach isn’t going to work anymore, especially given how long it can take to fill certain roles.

Instead, recruiters need to think in terms of a talent funnel. This means that recruiters need to begin sourcing talent before these job seekers are even actively researching new positions. This starts with better employer branding and developing relationships with prospective talent. As Greg Savage and Jobscience CEO Ted Elliot discussed in this interview, tomorrow’s recruiter will be a natural connector, networker and relationship builder.

Social recruiting
Job seekers don’t use the same methods they used to. Newspaper ad placements aren’t the future of recruiting. Companies need to focus on social networking if they’re going to find the best talent. This goes along with developing relationships earlier. Bring talent into your pipeline by engaging with them on social channels. Once you’ve built up a following, announce positions as they become available. Rather than going through a job board, move talent straight from social channels into your applicant tracking system.

Mobile recruiting
Job seekers use mobile devices to look for jobs. They’re likely to look for open positions in between other activities, whether they’re at their current job, or sitting through commercial breaks on the couch at home. Optimizing for mobile is an important way to reach applicants who are just starting to think about seeking work elsewhere.

Use technology effectively 
Recruiters can no longer rely on ineffective tools to manage their talent pipelines. If you’re going to start sourcing inactive candidates, you need an effective way to store their data until the time is right. Is your applicant tracking system up to the task? Make sure you have an ATS that is able to support you when you apply new recruiting tactics.

Now that it is more difficult to fill open positions, recruiters need to be proactive. They need to stay one step ahead of their industry’s best talent before these individuals even become active job seekers. With the right amount of tools and know-how, recruiters can become more effective and help their companies grow by finding the best candidates before competitors do.