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2014 Q2 Release Overview

Jobscience continues to respond to what our Recruiting and Staffing customers — and the market — require from a modern CRM and applicant tracking system. Our “Simple, Visual, Responsive” user experience journey continues with the 2014 Q2 Release, which focuses on two, key external stakeholders in the hiring process. First, the release speaks to the growing importance of delivering a positive candidate experience through the jobseeker’s mobile device. Second, it delivers the ability for staffing firms to uniquely market their top candidates to client hiring managers.
Mobile Job Search Web App for Jobseekers
Jobscience gives jobseekers a fit-for-form experience so they can easily perform the most mission-critical job search tasks including: searching openings, reviewing job details, forwarding opportunities to then later apply, and sending opportunities to friends. To quick apply, mobile jobseekers can opt to leverage their LinkedIn credentials and profile details to  submit themselves for consideration. For recruiters, the big benefit is the ability to leverage one central tool within their Jobscience CRM and applicant tracking system to manage all job distribution activities – from the mobile job search web app, to their company careers’ page, to the optional jobs app for Facebook.

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Jobscience Mobile Job Board

New Updated Presentations
jCard Powered Presentations for Staffing Firms
Introducing top candidates to client hiring managers is undoubtedly one of the most important engagement tasks between a staffing firm and their client hiring managers. A common branding principle is: “first impressions do count.” In the 2014 Q2 Release, Jobscience now offers an infographic-like candidate user profile called the “jCard” to a staffing firm’s client hiring managers. The jCard aggregates key candidate factors like employment history, education history, skills summary, recommendations, social profile links and original resume. Through a secured link delivered through email or SMS, client hiring managers will view the jCards of a staffing firm’s top candidates, and then deliver feedback directly back to the staffing firm’s CRM and applicant tracking system. Staffing firm recruiters can configure the presentation package with options to: display or not display a candidate’s name, social profile links, and original resume; use the staffing firm’s logo; and employ the ability to accept feedback from the client.

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Skills Rating for Recruiters
Jobscience’s 2014 Q2 Release extends its CRM and applicant tracking software’s skills management functionality. A candidate’s resume is initially assessed against our skills taxonomy library of 20,000+ skills to identify matching skill sets and estimate the appropriate length of experience. Today, recruiters can rate the strength of those skills on a scale of 1 to 10, or add and rate any new skills that have not been identified. The key benefit to performing skills rating tasks is the enhanced ability to leverage Jobscience’s embedded global search — or our proprietary PowerSearch (beta) — to deliver relevant candidates based on job order requirements.

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Skill Rating

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  • Jobscience Mobile Job Search Web App for Jobseekers
  • jCard Powered Presentations for Client Managers
  • Skills Rating for Recruiters
  • Updates to PowerSearch for Beta Users
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