Extending the User Experience Journey to Jobseekers and Recruitment Agency Clients

Jobscience continues to respond to what our Recruiting and Staffing customers — and the market — require from a modern CRM and applicant tracking system. Our “Simple, Visual, Responsive” user experience journey continues with the 2014 Q2 Release. First, the release strengthens a company’s candidate experience through the adoption of a mobile jobseeker web app. Second, Q2 enhances specialized candidate presentation tool used by staffing agencies to introduce top talent to their clients.

Mobile Job Search Web App 

Jobscience deploys industry leading mobile recruitment app for jobseeker in its 2014 Q2 release. Focused on delivering a unique mobile experience, candidates can complete the most critical job search tasks including reviewing job opportunities on their smartphone, forwarding jobs to their desktop computer and emailing friends job opportunities. In addition jobseekers can opt to leverage their LinkedIn profile to create a job application  For recruiters, the ability to leverage a centralized tool to post jobs across multiple channels gives backs hours to a recruiter’s work week while maintaining a consistent brand message.

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Candidate Presentation 2.0 Tool for Recruitment Agencies

Introducing top candidates to clients is undoubtedly one of the most important engagement tasks for a recruitment agency. Jobscience introduces a proprietary candidate presentation and comparison tool, inspired by today’s marketing inforgraphics. The infographic candidate presentation tool simplifies the view of multiple candidates by consistently organizing and displaying job seeker core data like skills, employment and education history, recommendations and more. Through a secured link delivered through email or SMS, clients quickly view, assess and compare the presented candidates without the repetitive process of opening multiple email attachments of resumes, cover letters, and summaries. Multiple configuration options of what to showcase to clients is available at the recruiter’s fingertips.

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Skills Rating for Recruiters

This release extends existing skills management functionality.  Our standard skills taxonomy engine auto extracts skills and estimates related years of experience when a job seeker’s resume is originally parsed.  With 2014 Q2 Release, recruiters can now add valuable skills rating details to the candidate profile, which in return becomes valuable search factors.  

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Get These Awesome New Features!

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  • Industry Leading Mobile Job Search Web App
  • Candidate Presentation 2.0 for Staffing Agencies
  • Skills Rating
  • PowerSearch (Beta) Updates
  • Much More!

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