Candidate Sourcing and Recruiter Productivity Made Simple – Visual – Responsive.

Jobscience PowerSearch

Search is one of the top candidate sourcing skills for a recruiter, but today’s recruitment software requires users to be search experts or ‘Boolean Black Belts’ in order to be effective.

Jobscience PowerSearch instantly broadens the usability of an internal applicant tracking system and Recruiting CRM database, which can transform them into highly valued intellectual property and a sustainable competitive advantage for recruiting organizations. With Jobscience PowerSearch there is no training, and ‘leaves no recruiter behind.’

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Speed Review

We’ve completely reimagined the Speed Review tool to take critical parsed data from a candidate’s resume and organize it front and center in a stylish cover flow interface.

Easily swipe through sets of resumes, in the original format or in our new “jCard” layout, which includes “jFactors” such as Employment History, Education History, Skills, Social Links, and Actions.

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Recruiter Notification Center

Social Media, mobile phones, calendars and other web apps push you real-time notifications, so why doesn’t your recruiting solution?

Now with the Recruiter Notification Center, you won’t drop the ball when an activity is waiting on your action.

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Single Sign On (SSO) with SFDC Identity

If you’re considering Jobscience and you are already a customer, this is an effective and easy method to set up and maintain for providing the optimal user experience to existing users, while at the same time making Human Resources happy.

Single Identity. One login for all your web, mobile and on-premises apps. That makes it easier for IT and users. Win-win for all.

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Web Sourcing From Short Lists.

Shortlist Web Sourcing is an external web search tool to work on top of Short Lists that enables recruiters to find hundreds of matching candidates in just 2 clicks.

The Jobscience Shortlist Web Sourcing tool is an extension within short lists and will enable you to run searches across several websites based on a keyword and location.

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Get These Awesome New Features!

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  • Jobscience PowerSearch
  • SpeedReview with JFactors and JCards
  • New Recruiter Notification Center
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with SFDC Identity
  • Simultaneous Web Sourcing
  • Much More!

Latest Release:
Enhancement to CRM/Sourcing Tools Strengthens Both Candidate Engagement & Discovery.

Q2 Release:
User Experience Journey for Jobseekers and Recruitment Agency Clients